Benefits of Karate

Most think Karate is all about fighting, in truth it is far more that that. Films such as ‘Karate Kid’ show Karate as a violent contact sport and all about breaking bricks and wood. Learning Karate is a way of building physical fitness and improving your overall well-being. As well as other important benefits below.

Karate will get and keep you fit build self confidence develop your self awareness allow you to defend yourself be fun!

Self Defence

Karate is designed to equip you with knowledge and skills should the worst happen. Whilst we hope you never need them, we will teach you skills and techniques that will allow you to defend yourselves and others in a variety of situations.

For Familes

Karate is a sport you can enjoy as a family. There aren’t many other sports where you can train along side your children. You can learn together, practice at home together and develop as a family.

Karate for Life

For many of our students, karate becomes more than simply an exercise. Karate has many aspects to it and for some it becomes a way of life. We have students who have been with the club for decades and still learn and enjoy the many benefits karate brings. We are a friendly community who pride ourselves on making new members feel welcome. For more details please either contact us from the home page or come along to one of our clubs.

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Physical Benefits

There is a lot of focus now on ensuring you have physical fitness in everyday life. Unfortunately with busy schedules, this can often be neglected. Karate provides whole body conditioning and at our club our instructors ensure your karate training is tailored to your needs and capabilities. You do not need to be an athlete to start karate, our club focuses on working with individuals and utilising their various strengths.

Mental Benefits

One of our main focuses is improving self belief and confidence. Through learning karate, you will develop an sense of self confidence and will find very quickly that your belief in yourself changes. Many of our students comment on feeling more positive after only a short amount of time training.