ESKA Kyu Grading Results – 24th March 2019

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On Sunday 24th March 2019 the majority of Ickleford and Biggleswade students attended their grading with ESKA. We had over 50 students attempt their next grade, another new record for the club.

The great news is there was a 100% pass rate, with everyone trying their best and showing the examiners what they can do. We also had a few more extra special belts worth mentioning.

Obtaining your brown belt is no mean feat. Its the last solid belt before black and as such only a few students make it to this grade… and even fewer go onto get their black belts. On Sunday Sempai’s Liam and Thomas successfully passed their brown belts and will now be able to help assist in instructing the lower grades in the first lessons. Well done both of you, well deserved and a great show on the day.

5 and a half years since the Ickleford Karate club opened its doors for the first time. On that very first lesson there are only 2 individuals who remain with us from that very day. On Sunday these 2 Karate-ka attempted and passed their Intermediate Black Belts… a HUGE achievement and the last grading they will ever take at Stevenage (the next ones are behind closed doors!). A massive congratulations to Sempai’s Eren and Patrick!

Intermediate Black Belt

To gain your intermediate black belt takes 9 months in total and is designed to build you up towards taking your black belt grading. The full grade is split into 3 parts; Kihon (Basics), Kumite (Sparring) and Kata (Forms). The parts are completed in order and as you progress you move onto the next stage, with the final stage being Kata. As well as the physical aspect of the grading, you have to complete a written Japanese test, write an essay on your Karate personal history and finally complete an oral Karate history exam.

If you think that’s hard… when you go for your black belt, you have to do all of these on the same day!

Grading Results



Now the hard work starts towards the next grading… Keep training hard!

Are you reading this and wish you were on your way to a black belt? Then contact us today!

Oss Sensei.