Christmas Party

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On Friday 22nd December we held our first ever Christmas party! It was held at the Biggleswade Dojo, which comes with some fantastic facilities for us to use.

The evening was full of Christmas fun, with tile breaking and finishing off with some awards. All the pictures are at the bottom of the post.

Christmas Lesson

The lesson before Christmas is always a ‘fun one’ and this was no exception!

Sempai Aidan started off the lesson with our customary warm-up, however this was no usual warm-up. Sempai Aidan put together a Christmas warm-up for everyone, along with some Christmas music. It also had an added twist. Every time Sempai said ‘Santa’ everyone would have to jump up and do 3 punches shouting “HoHoHo”.

With everyone sufficiently ‘warmed up’ we started our lesson with a formal kneeling bow.

Now was the chance for everyone to show off what they can do. We started off with some techniques forwards and backwards swapping the Kiai’s for “HoHoHo’s”.

After the basics, those with Kata in their grading syllabus got a chance to show everyone what they can do and why we did so well at the ESKA competition.

  • All blue belts and Tyler performed Taikyoku Shodan
  • All green belts performed Heian Nidan
  • Patrick performed Heian Godan along with Sempai Rennan and Tony for support.
  • All 3 Sempai’s performed Empi a brown/black belt Kata.
  • Sensei Steve performed Meikyo along with the Bunkai (Application) with Sempai Tony.

Tile Breaking (Tamashi Wari)

After the Kata demonstration it was time to have some fun at breaking tiles and wood (for adults). After a quick demonstration from Sempai Aidan students who wanted to, took it in turns to break a roof tile each.

Every Adult had the chance to break a piece of pine wood, which was slightly more difficult but everyone managed it. Well done!

Finally Sensei Steve finished off by breaking 5 tiles at the same time!


Every year we award certain individuals with various accolades, all of which they should be truly proud of. For those who didn’t get a specific award, they were given a medal and a selection box as a Christmas present from the club.

Achiever of the Year – This is awarded to the individual, who has won the weekly trophy the most times during the current year. There is 1 award for Ickleford and 1 for Biggleswade.

Karateka of the Year – This is a prestigious award to get and is awarded to only 1 person from each club. This is awarded to a student who always puts in 110%, had great etiquette and a great attitude towards to karate.

Greatest Attendance  – Highest number of lessons attended in the current year

Dojo Captain – This is a position awarded to 1 individual for each lesson. A dojo captain ‘leads’ the students in the dojo and therefore should be a person who is respected and of a high grade. They have the responsibility of starting the warm-up amongst other things.

Finally Sensei Steve took the opportunity to recognise and reward his coaching team: Sempai Aidan, Sempai Rennan and Sempai Tony.

Merry Christmas!

2017 has been a busy year for us, with many things to be proud of. Thank you to all students, parents, friends and families for your support and friendship.

Sensei Steve and all 4 Sempai’s would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope to see you all soon!