5th Birthday Party


On the 18th September 2013, the Ickelford Dojo opened its doors for the very first time! On Sunday 9th September 2018 we celebrated our 5th Birthday with a huge party!

From the feedback received, everyone had an amazing time and its certainly something we will try to do in the future.

5 Years Ago

On Wednesday 18th September 2013 we opened our Dojo doors for the very first time. We had 19 prospective students turn up and train, assisted by Sempai Aidan and Rennan. Of the 19 students at the very first lesson, I am pleased to say we still have 3 of them with us… Eren, Patrick and Jem! Congratulations to Eren and Patrick for reaching their 5 year milestone (Jem had a short break in between).

How many students can you recognise from some of our early pictures below:


We were very lucky to be allowed to use Ickleford School’s premises for our party. We had lots going on throughout the day, with plenty of food and drinks:

  • Bouncy Castle
  • Inflatable Duel
  • Rounders
  • Football
  • Bowls
  • Connect 4
  • Jenga
  • BBQ – Burgers and Hot Dogs!
  • Sweets & Crisps
  • CAKE!!!

The party started at 12pm and ran until about 4pm, then all of the assistant instructors and helpers went for a well deserved Curry!

I would like to say thank you to the following people for making it happen:

  • Sempai Aidan & Rennan for supervising the Inflatables and helping setup and carry lots!
  • Sempai Tony for being our very own “White Van Man” and BBQ Sous Chef
  • Pete for being BBQ Head Chef & Chief Food Tester
  • Lyn for providing much needed refreshments
  • Stephen & Christopher for helping setup and managing the replenishment of food and drinks
  • Sarah for helping run the food area
  • And of course my wife Lisa for putting up with me 🙂